April 28, 2022 Nguyen Nguyen

[FULL] E-TRACK Level II – Jun 3-5, 2022 – Salem, OR, USA

Level II – “Mud Run” Advanced Cadaver Course…

Hands-on strategies and solutions for enhanced success

This component of Root Camp is all about putting concepts into action to overcome the daily obstacles encountered in clinical endodontics.

The 3-day “Mud Run” cadaver workshop teaches clinical step-by-step protocols, using an array of systems and materials in a model that most closely simulates a live patient. Doctors and their support teams are taught proficiency at rendering patient-centered, high-quality, effective, efficient and highly profitable endodontic care.

Bring your administrative and clinical team with you so that everyone can learn the “Endo Dance”. One-one-one assistant-to-assistant, patient-care coordinator-to-patient-care-coordinator interaction will allow your entire team to bring home systems, protocols and scripts that Dr. Nguyen and his staff use daily.

Extensive hands-on “in-the-trenches” learning is limited to 8 teams.

“Large weapons” such as CBCT, Dental Operating Microscope and Laser are provided to each team.

A true “Immersion Experience.”




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