April 28, 2022 Nguyen Nguyen

[FULL] E-TRACK Level I – Jun 24-25, 2022 – Tampa/Clearwater, FL, USA


  • Reduce stress with “real-life”, “in-the-trenches” Endo… no blah blah.
  • Learn to make access openings in hypercalcified teeth … just in 5 minutes!
  • Perform high-quality MOLAR Endo treatment in 30 minutes, extremely profitable Endo.
  • Shape molar in 5 minutes while minimizing file breakage.
  • Small group and clinical videos for better learning.
  • Increase fees and case acceptance by 20% with smart scripting.
  • Also learn to tackle retreats and apical surgery.
    *Extracted teeth are used as the training model and attending Doctors are advised to bring their own.


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Standard Material

Learn to Win … it starts with the right mindset … the Expert mindset.

How can the GP become an endo Expert, achieve Expert results and charge Expert fees (equal to or above endodontist’s fees)?

  • Safe and to-the-point access opening in 5 minutes.
  • How to use the apex locator reliably and stop taking WL and MC radiographs (I know many would love that).
  • Low-Risk, Effective and Efficient cleaning & shaping of curved and hypercalcified canals (and MB2’s of course 😊).
  • Warm Vertical Condensation … to make it pretty.
  • Endodontic retreatment ( … and how to unblock yourselves, bypass ledges).
  • Laser-Assisted Endodontics … the secret weapon.
  • Surg & Rescue … Low-Pain, High-Success and Minimally-Invasive Apical surgery … the true sign of Endo Expertise

Bonus Material

  • Advanced case conversion … how to get high case acceptance of higher … Expert fees (instead of discounted fees)
  • Advanced Team Training to …WORK LESS … MAKE MORE …STRESS LESS
  • Clinical case presentation and discussion


E-TRACK LEVEL I and T-TRACK are complementary to each other.
Both focus on “30-minute Molar Endo”

1/ E Level I is lots of why … why … why followed by lots of how … how … how and finally a couple of hours of hands-on at the end of Saturday. Intensive training covering Molar RCT’s, Retreats and Entry-Level Apicos.2/ T is a full day of hands-on to fully bring to life the many concepts discussed during E-Track.


If you want to combine T-Track with E-Track Level I, please use the link below to register T-Track combined with Level I. There is combined tuition for a T-Track as opposed to regular tuition.



Bring your administrative and clinical team with you so that everyone can learn the “Endo Dance.” One-on-one assistant-to-assistant, patient-care coordinator-to-patient-care-coordinator interaction will allow your entire team to bring home systems, protocols, and scripts that Dr. Nguyen and his staff use daily.

*All registrations are final with no refund. If a cancellation is necessary, course credit will be issued for attendance of a future course for an equal value.