April 28, 2022 Nguyen Nguyen

T-TRACK – Aug 14, 2022 – Sherman, TX, USA

T-TRACK – “30-minute Molar Endo” hands-on

T-Track solely focuses on the technical aspect of the 30-minute molar endo.
The goal is more shallow in that students learn a recipe and not the ability to troubleshoot problems.

*Extracted teeth are used as the training model and attending Doctors are advised to bring their own.



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E-TRACK LEVEL I and T-TRACK are complementary to each other.
Both focus on “30-minute Molar Endo”

1/ E Level I is lots of why … why … why followed by lots of how … how … how and finally a couple of hours of hands-on at the end of Saturday. Intensive training covering Molar RCT’s, Retreats and Entry-Level Apicos.2/ T is a full day of hands-on to fully bring to life the many concepts discussed during E-Track.If you want to combine T-Track with E-Track Level I, please use the link below to register T-Track combined with Level I. There is combined tuition for a T-Track as opposed to regular tuition.



What’s the difference between E-Track Level I and T-Track?

Both the T-Track and the E-Tracks focus on 30-minute molar Endo.

The main difference is that the T-Track is solely technical. Therefore, it is a shallow attempt at 30-minute molar Endo. Those who take the T-Track are those who solely wish to be good at manual labor.

Those who want to become a complete Doctor are advised to take the E-Track Level I. Then, if they need additional hands-on, they could either take the 1-day T-Track hands-on on extracted teeth or they can take the E-Track Level II, which lasts 3 days and focuses on hands-on using a human cadaver model in a learning environment that closely simulates the chairside dental reality.

*Because T-Track is only a complement of the main E-Track, it is NOT offered in each and every Root Camp location.